Horn Library Content Strategy

Collection Description - OIM

The collection supports the undergraduate and graduate courses in information technology management, retail supply chain and technology development and entrepreneurship (Concentrations) and some material can be used in accounting, economics, finance and quantitative methods. Topics of particular interest are e-commerce, e-business, protocols, web technologies and development, software and product design, changes in knowledge-based professions, database management systems, data warehousing and data mining, data and voice communications, mobile technologies, information systems design, planning and management, use of IT in business, programming languages, strategic use of IT, supply chain management, demand chain management,  inventory management, network security, business intelligence systems, marketing high-tech products and emerging technologies.

a.      Languages:  Mostly English.  Some Spanish language materials may be purchased.

b.      Geographical Guidelines:  First choice will be materials dealing with companies, products, and markets in the US, EEC, Pacific Rim, New Russian States, India and China.

c.      Treatment of Subject: College level materials to advance critical thinking and computer literacy. Emphasis is on applications in business and economics. 

d.       Format of Material Collected:  Primarily periodicals and serials with a small collection of monographs, mainly e-books. Textbooks, audiovisual, and multimedia materials will be purchased as recommended by faculty.  Access to software and databases will be acquired.

Key Content

Resources most frequently used include:

  • BCC Research
  • Disruptor
  • Forrester
  • Gartner
  • Information Systems Research
  • Journal of the American Statistical Assn.
  • Management Science
  • MIS Quarterly
  • Supply Chain Management

Authors whose works should be retained permanately:

Marty Anderson
Thomas Davenport
Dawna Dewire
Sebastian Fixson
Steve Gordon
Bala Iyer
Kathleen McKone-Sweet
Ivor Morgan
Paul Mulligan
Salvatore Parise
Jay Rao

Print Collection

Dates of Publications:  Emphasis is on current materials not more than three years old.  Historical materials on the development of the industry and their effects on business and society are useful.  Materials more than 5 years old will be retained only if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  •   They are basic reference tools and have not been superseded,
  •   They are classics, or company case studies,
  •    They provide historical background for the industry.

HE 7601-8688 -- Telecommunications

HE 8700-9737 – Telephone

Q  300-9999 -- Information Theory

QA 70-100 - Computers and software

T -- Technology

Courses Supported

  • MIS2645     Modeling with Excel
  • MIS3525     Enterprise 2.0 Building Social Networks
  • MIS3535     Lean for Social Innovation
  • MIS3545     Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
  • MIS3555     Platforms, Clouds & Networks
  • MIS3620     Computer & Network Security
  • MIS3640     Problem Solving & Software Design
  • MIS3660     Prototyping With IT
  • MIS3690     Web Technologies
  • MOB3522   Leading & Managing Sustainability
  • MOB3573   Supply Chain Management
  • MOB3578   Integrated Product Design
  • SME2002   Operations Management
  • SME2012   Managing Information Tech & Systems
  • MIS6100       Information Technology for Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • MIS7200       Global Connections Through Technology
  • MIS7515       The Business of Health Information Technology
  • MIS9530        Competing on Analytics
  • MOB7522      Leading & Managing Sustainability
  • MOB7535      Extended Enterprise Management
  • MOB7540      Managing Technological Innovation
  • MOB7555      Product Design & Development
  • MOB9521      Innovation Processes
  • MOB9525      Leading Innovation: Creating Organic Growth
  • MOB9526      Design & Innovation in Service Industries
  • MOB9530      Social Capital in Building Career
  • OPS6100       Delivering Value Through Operations
  • OPS7200       Technology & Operations Management
  • OPS7572       Supply Chain Management