Citing Sources & Citation Styles

Learn about how to cite works in your research papers. Links to citation software that can help you create and manage your works cited lists.

Using Mendeley

Download and Install Mendeley

Mendeley Download Window Screenshot



Mendeley offers several options which allow you to import and manage your references. The four options are: Mendeley Desktop (standalone application for Windows, macOS, and Linux), Mendeley Web, Mendeley Web Importer, and Mendeley Cite. Each are covered below.

Mendeley Reference Manager for Desktop

  • Use the desktop version to build, organize and maintain your references and document files
  • Mendeley works very well with PDFs. Drag and drop PDFs into Mendeley and it will create references from the metadata embedded in them.
  • You can easily highlight and annotate PDFs in the desktop app.
  • You can also share your references and collaborate with others.

Mendeley Web

  • Web-based access to your entire Mendeley Desktop library
  • Can access from any web browser with your Mendeley login credentials 
  • Syncs with your Mendeley Desktop remotely

Mendeley Web Importer

  • Download the browser extension to import web pages, documents, and papers directly into your Mendeley reference library.
  • Works seamlessly with journal articles and documents pulled from Horn Library's many academic databases
  • Web Importer works with all major web browsers.

Mendeley Cite

  • This is a Microsoft Word plugin which will allow you to insert citations and your bibliography from Mendeley directly into your MS Word document or project.

Adding References/Citations in Mendeley Desktop 

There are 3 ways to add references to your Mendeley Desktop Library:

  1. Drag and Drop - click and drag any file or folder into your Mendeley Library. Mendeley will automatically pull bibliographic data and create a reference for it
  2. Manual Entry - Click on File > Add Entry Manually. Choose type of file: book, book section, journal article, etc. Fill in all available bibliographic data.
  3. Download directly from an academic database - Most databases provided by Horn Library allow downloading records as RIS files. Mendeley will accept RIS files, as well as references formatted for many other citation management programs (Zotero, EndNote, RefWorks, etc.)

For in-depth help, use Mendeley's Guides.

For in person help, make an appointment with a Research Librarian. We'll be happy to try and help you however we can.

Importing your EndNote Library into Mendeley

  1. Open Mendeley Desktop
  2. Click File or the File icon in the upper left corner, then Add Files
  3. This will open a Documents viewer to choose which files you want to add.
  4. Browse your computer for the file you saved from EndNote (e.g., My EndNote Library.xml or My EndNote Library.ris). Mendeley will work best if you import My EndNote Library as a *.xml file or *.ris file.
  5. Once you select your file and click Open, Mendeley will extract the references. 
  6. (If the import does not work, double check the file you are importing. Ensure it is in *.xml or *.ris file format)