Citing Sources & Citation Styles

Learn about how to cite works in your research papers. Links to citation software that can help you create and manage your works cited lists.

Citation Management Tools Comparison

Which citation management tool is best for you? Here are some basic features of both, adapted from: Ivey, C., & Crum, J. (2018). Choosing the right citation management tool: EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks, or ZoteroJournal of the Medical Library Association: JMLA, 106(3), 399.


Platforms Mac, Windows, Linux Mac, Windows, Linux
Browsers IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Browser plug-ins IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari Firefox, Chrome, and Safari 
Mobile apps Android, iOS None; mobile-friendly site available
Word processing integration Microsoft Word (Windows and Mac), LibreOffice (Linux, Mac, and Windows) Microsoft Word (Windows and Mac), Libre Office (Linux, Mac, and Windows)
Importing references BibTeX, EndNote, XML, RIS, Zotero library, txt, Ovid (Medlars reprint), PubMed/MEDLINE (nbib), Mendeley web catalog Bibliontology RDF, BibTeX browser bookmarks, Citavi 5 XML, CSL JSON, EndNote XML, MAB2, MARC, MARCXML, PubMed/MEDLINE (nbib), MODS, Ovid tagged, Primo normalized XML, PubMed XML, RDF, Refer/BibIX, RefWorks tagged, RIS, Web of Science tagged, XML ContextObject
Add reference by identifier ArXiv ID, DOI, PMID ISBN, DOI, PMID
Offline availability Yes, references and files stored locally Yes, references and files stored locally