Citing Sources & Citation Styles

Learn about how to cite works in your research papers. Links to citation software that can help you create and manage your works cited lists.

Citation & Bibliographic Management Tools

Why Use Mendeley?

  • You want to gather and organize a variety of references from the Web and online databases. 

  • Mendeley is an academic social network as well as a citation management platform.

  • Mendeley has a very good integrated PDF viewer and can create citation records just from importing a PDF file. has a very strong website and community platform.

  • Mendeley is owned by the for-profit publishing company Elsevier and can be integrated with your Elsevier or Web of Science profile if you have one.

  • Good for larger and long term projects and for networking with other researchers.
  • *Pricing structure: Free up to 2 GB (about 700-800 articles) with additional storage available for purchase.

See Mendeley Guides for more information, search tips, & tutorials.


Why Use Zotero?

  • It gathers citation records for non-PDF and PDF content. Zotero's single-click capture works with many databases and websites.
  • You can also enable the retrieval of PDF metadata, which allows you to create citation records just from dragging a PDF into Zotero.
  • Zotero is open source and cannot be acquired by a company.
  • Good for smaller or shorter term projects or papers.
  • *Pricing structure: Free up to 300 MB (about 100 articles) with additional storage available for purchase.
  • See Zotero Support for more information, search tips, & tutorials.

Note: This guide is under construction. More content will be added soon. For immediate help with Zotero, contact a librarian.