Library Services for Babson Faculty

Find out what library services are available to Babson faculty.

How can Horn Library help you?

Make the most of what Horn Library has to offer.  The Library's staff and resources are here to help you succeed and excel with your research, publishing and teaching.  Take a look at the pages listed on the left to explore the many ways Horn's librarians can help you out.  Contact your Liaison Librarian, listed below, with any questions or requests for assistance..

Division Liaisons

Accounting and Law Daryl Bullis x6482
Arts and Humanities Daryl Bullis x6482
Economics Patricia Berens x5486
Entrepreneurship  Billy Tringali x4578

Finance Patricia Berens x5486
History and Society Daryl Bullis x6482
Management Saskia Kusnecov x5605
Marketing  Saskia Kusnecov x5605
Math and Science Daryl Bullis x6482
OIM  Billy Tringali x4578