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Course Reserves FAQ

How do I put a book on reserve for my course?

Fill out a reserve form (available below) and bring it in to the library or email it directly to Patrick O'Hanlon. You can also get a form at the Library Information Desk.

Does the library buy course textbooks?

The library does not support the purchase of textbooks. We will put personal or departmental copies on reserve for your courses. However, we do review the bookstore list and place on reserve any that we own, and we may order some trade books that we think should be in the collection.

Does the library own solutions/instructor's manuals?

No. The library cannot purchase solutions/instructor's manuals. If you have a manual that you would like your students to use, please bring it to the library to have it placed on reserve. It will be returned to you at the end of the semester. Reserve forms should accompany all personal copies and photocopies.

Does the library lend cases?

No. Copyright permissions need to be purchased for each individual who will be using the case, so every student must purchase their own.

What if I need something that is not in the library's collection?

Requests should be forwarded to your liaison. Books and articles can also be requested through interlibrary loan, although these items may not be placed on course reserve.

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