Social Entrepreneurship Research Guide

Industry Information

Industry Codes

NAICS and SIC - determine the code for your industry and look at appropriate Economic Census and other reports.  If you know the National Taxonomy of Exempted Entities (NTEE) code, consult NCCS' conversion table for NAICS/SIC.

Trade Associations & Local Advocacy groups 

Look for links from nonprofit organization web sites and other areas.  Use Google Advanced Search to identify local organizations, limiting to nonprofit and government domains.  For example, search:  massachusetts homeless,.gov

Nonprofit books & statistical sites:

  • Giving USA - HV29.A6 (Information Desk1) - Giving trends in major sectors.
  • Nonprofit Nation, by Michael O’Neil - HD2769.2 .U6 O54 (Information Desk1)
  • State of Nonprofit America, by Lester Salomen -  HD62.6 .S734 (Information Desk1)
  • The New Nonprofit Almanac - HD2769.2 .U6 (Information Desk 1) - 1977-1998 state by state analysis including employment & financial data. Update with the next sources.
  • National Center for Charitable Statistics

See also Nonprofit Organizations Research Guide for more nonprofit benchmarking information.