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IBISWorld Content

IBISWorld also includes the Business Environment Profiles which provides an understanding of the key drivers and influencing factors (Sensitivities), which are responsible for change in a selected industry. This is a unique 'outside-looking-in' approach that encourages the understanding of a company's external environments to better enable successful control of risks and opportunities. Information is available as 2-3 page Analysis Reports with time-series and 12-month forecasts on each of the 250+ sensitivities. The reports are downloadable into Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat format.

The Sensitivities fall into two broad groups:

  • Economic Sensitivities:  Economic sensitivities are, in general, macroeconomic variables.  They include things like exchange rates, commodity prices, trade agreements (e.g., NAFTA), and costs of raw materials.
  • Non-Economic Sensitivities: These sensitivities involve a diverse range of variables that, while they affect the economy, are not normally associated with economics.  They include such factors as demographic changes (more children affect education-related industries, while older people affect funeral homes) and tastes (health concerns affect tobacco and red meat providers).

There are eight Business Environments.  The data is arranged under the following headings: Consumer Behavior, Demographics, Domestic Commodities and Goods, Domestic Economy, Financial Markets, International Economy and Commodities, Other Indicators, U.S. Government.

To access press releases, articles, and spotlight reports (2-3 page research topics), click on Media (upper right).  A recent sample included the financial cost of raising a child, high-growth sectors for entrepreneurs & investors, and the growing pet industry