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Free Business Websites Guide:  Home

Welcome to the Free Business Websites Guide!

This guide is designed to help you identify and access business resources available online. Use the green tabs near the top of the page to navigate between sections; a brief description of each section is also included below.

The resources listed include products and services that are free to the public, however, they may offer paid ones as well. Babson does not provide access to any paid products or services in this guide to members outside of the Babson community. Please refer to the alumni guide to view the lists of databases available to alumni for paid products and services covered by Babson's subscriptions. You can also check your local public library to see if they provide access to particular resources. 

Below is a breakdown of what you can find in this guide:

1. Portals

This section includes links to resource portals, including resources from the Library of Congress, by state, and for news.

2. Business Assistance

This section includes resources that offer business opportunities, programs, and more, including a number of governmental websites.

3. Company Information

This section includes links to resources where company information may be available online. The sub-sections include:

  • Company Resources
  • Banks
  • Social Media
  • Nonprofits

4. Economics, Finance, & Marketing

This section includes resources dedicated to economics, finance (and investing), and marketing (including consumer research). The sub-sections include:

  • Economic Data
  • Finance
  • Consumer Research

5. Entrepreneurship & Management

This section includes resources dedicated to entrepreneurship and management. The sub-sections include:

  • General resources
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Technology

6. Law & Politics

This section includes resources dedicated to tax, law, and politics.

7. Global Reach

This section includes resources for international business. The sub-sections include:

  • Country Information & Data
  • Regional Websites
  • International Trade
  • General Data Sources

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