Healthcare Industry Research Guide

Bloomberg BNA Portfolios & BNA Law Reports available in Cutler Center

Bloomberg BNA Portfolios

Of the 13 portfolio series, the most appropriate is Health Law & Business Portfolio Series.

BNA Law Reports

The list of reports under the TOPIC Health Care includes:

Biotech Watch, Federal HealthCare Regulatory Alert, Health Care Daily, Health Care Fraud, Health Care Policy,
Health IT Law & Industry, Health Insurance, Health Law, Life Sciences Law & Industry, Medical Devices Law & Industry,
Medical Research Law & Policy, Medicare, Pharmaceutical Law & Industry, State Health Care Legislative Alert,
State Health Care Regulatory Alert

BASIC NAVIGATION: Bloomberg login - click Bloomberg Icon - GO - Bloomberg Login - GO - enter BLAW -
                                      select BNA...Bloomberg Law

Getting Started menu: You will see PORTFOLIOS (2nd column) and BNA Law Reports (3rd column).
                                         Browse by drilling down or search.  Download selections.