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Portfolio of Resources: Access through the Cutler Center

      Factset -  financial research and portfolio management data service that is broadly used in the investment industry.  Use Factset for market screening, stock performance and historic financials, and to create and analyze equity portfolios.  Factset is available on all of the 42 Cutler Center terminals for use.

  Morningstar Direct  - accessible in Cutler Center for access to global data on mutual funds and other collective investment vehicles, ETFs, stocks and benchmark indexes historically.  Features Morningstar SBBI historic returns on primary asset classes.

  Limited ID access to this well-regarded financial training firm's premium package of self paced video tutorial offerings focused on financial valuation and modeling.  Contact Leslie Romiza for more details

Portfolio of Resources: Access Anywhere


For more information on Cutler Center finance lab resources and access please refer to the Cutler Center website.