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IMPORTANT NOTE: Only students currently enrolled in approved classes requiring CapIQ will have access to it. Access can be verified simply by using the CapitalIQ link on the Library website.  Note below;


  • All MSA students have access for the entirety of their program.
  • All MSF students have access for the entirety of their program.
  • Access will expire at the end of each semester. Only those students taking approved classes during the summer will be allowed to access Capital IQ during the summer. 

If you have any questions on access please contact Jeanne Hebard,

For funcitonality questions, contact




Babson students enrolled in courses requiring CapIQ.

All students and alumni have access to CapIQ in the Cutler Center- 10 workstations, no login required.

 Horn Library E-Resources are to be used for educational purposes only. Commercial use is not permitted. Any use of library databases on an internship, job, or other program with an employer is not allowed.  Capital IQ cannot be accessed at any work site even for the purpose of academic use.

All Users at the start of each semester:

  • Do you have access?   Check the Student Access tab and view the list of courses that are registered for access.
  • What is my login and pword?  We are using single sign-on access via the Capital IQ link on the library website which will automatically log you in to your personalized CapIQ account without requiring username or password.
  • Problems?  Contact Jeanne Hebard

Faculty :

For all active Capital IQ users- a caution and a warning on your use of the service outside of Babson.

Our license VERY clearly states that use is for "academic usage only".  This means any use you make of CIQ in internships, jobs or other programs with an employer is NOT ALLOWED,

Capital IQ can detect the IP from where you connect and if they determine that it is a business- especially a financial business- they will lock your ID and notify us of a possible transgression.

You do not want to be in this situation which has resulted in Babson students losing their access for the semester.  How can you avoid it?

  • Do not use your Capital IQ access for any outside business research
  • Do not connect to Babson and CapIQ using an outside firm's network- even if you are doing Babson coursework
  • Use your home network or a network outside of your employer if you need to get access
  • Do not share your login with any individual