Troubleshooting Tips


Access issues can result from many different causes. Here are some of the most common fixes:

  • Logging in: Valid Babson network username/password is required. (see further information in box below)
  • Browser Issues:
    • Enable cookies in your browser. 
    • Enable popups: check your popup blockers, including your browser and any installed toolbars (Google, Yahoo, etc.). All popup blockers must be set to enable popups.
    • Update Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  • Disconnect non-Babson Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
  • Laptop Issues:
    • Laptop users bringing laptops between work and home may have cookies that do not match their current location. Try restarting your laptop and/or deleting cookies (See instructions below)
    • On campus problems: check your laptop's campus network configuration with IT Support in Horn 220.
  • Deleting Cookies: ​​​​
    • Chrome- Click the Chrome settings icon (top right). Select Settings. Click Privacy and Security from side menu. Click Clear Browsing Data.  Check off  Browsing History, Cookies and other data, Cached images and files. Click Clear Data.
    • IMicrosoft Edge- Click Edge More button (top right).  Click Settings.  Under Clear Browsing Data click "Choose What to Clear".  Check first 3 boxes.  Click "Clear".
    • Firefox- Click the Open Menu button (top right).  Click Setting,  Click Privacy & Security.  Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data, Click Clear Data, Select Cookies and Site Data, and Cached Web Content,  Click Clear.

If you cannot connect to just one resource (vs. multiple resources) , consider the following:

  • The subscription limit on the number of simultaneous users may be reached. Try the resource again later.
    • Oxford Art Online: (3 users)
    • SimplyAnalytics: (3 users)
  • Heavy Internet traffic may be timing out the connection - try again later.
  • Vendor site may be down - notify the Horn Library Information Desk: 781-239-4596 or

Babson network username issues or updating your browser

Contact the ITSD Support Center:

If you change your password or the Support Center provides you with an updated username and password, there may be a delay before you are able to access the library's services.

Certificate Error:

If you get an error message about the certificate name not matching:

  • Firefox: Click OK.
  • Chrome: Click OK

If Problems Persist...

If none of the information in this guide helps to resolve the problem, please contact the Library:

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Name of resource
  • Browser being used
  • Specific error messages seen
  • Enrollment status (undergraduate, graduate, Blended Learning, or alumni)
  • Your location (on-campus, off-campus, home, work, etc.)
  • Can you access other library databases?
  • Did you access the link from the library website, Babson portal, BlackBoard, other?
  • Device used (PC, laptop, or mobile device)
  • Specific steps taken, if any