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Jeanne Hebard
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Subjects: Databases


Access issues can result from many different causes. Here are some of the most common fixes:

  • Logging in: Valid Babson network username/password is required. (see further information in box below)
  • Browser Issues:
    • Enable cookies in your browser. 
    • Enable popups: check your popup blockers, including your browser and any installed toolbars (Google, Yahoo, etc.). All popup blockers must be set to enable popups.
    • Update Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  • Disconnect non-Babson Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
  • Laptop Issues:
    • Laptop users bringing laptops between work and home may have cookies that do not match their current location. Try restarting your laptop and/or deleting cookies (See instructions below)
    • On campus problems: check your laptop's campus network configuration with IT Support in Horn 220.
  • Deleting Cookies: ​​​​
    • Chrome- Click the Chrome settings icon (top right). Select Settings. Scroll down to Advanced and click arrow. Click Clear Browsing Data.  Top 4 boxes should be checked. Click Clear Browsing Data.
    • Internet Explorer- Choose Tools>Internet Options>Browsing History> check the box Delete Browsing History on Exit and click Delete.
    • Microsoft Edge- Click Edge More button (top right).  Click Settings.  Under Clear Browsing Data click "Choose What to Clear".  Check first 3 boxes.  Click "Clear".
    • Firefox- Click the Open Menu button (top right).  Click "History". Click "Clear Recent History".  Select "Everything" from dropdown.  Check first 5 boxes. Click "Clear Now".

If you cannot connect to just one resource (vs. multiple resources) , consider the following:

  • The subscription limit on the number of simultaneous users may be reached. Try the resource again later.
    • Capital IQ: (only students enrolled in certain courses permitted to access)
    • Factiva: (10 users)
    • Oxford Art Online: (3 users)
    • SimplyAnalytics: (3 users)
  • Heavy Internet traffic may be timing out the connection - try again later.
  • Vendor site may be down - notify the Horn Library Information Desk: 781-239-4596.

Babson network username issues or updating your browser

Contact the ITSD Support Center:

If you change your password or the Support Center provides you with an updated username and password, there may be a delay before you are able to access the library's services.

Certificate Error:

If you get an error message about the certificate name not matching:

  • IE: Click “Continue to this website (not recommended)”.
  • Firefox: Click OK.
  • Chrome: Click OK

If Problems Persist...

If none of the information in this guide helps to resolve the problem, please contact the Library:

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Name of resource
  • Browser being used
  • Specific error messages seen
  • Enrollment status (undergraduate, graduate, Blended Learning, or alumni)
  • Your location (on-campus, off-campus, home, work, etc.)
  • Can you access other library databases?
  • Did you access the link from the library website, Babson portal, BlackBoard, other?
  • Device used (PC, laptop, or mobile device)
  • Specific steps taken, if any