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What are These Books About?

With its 15 commissioned essays by distinguished critics and scholars, this volume offers readers insight into why Eugene O’Neill is considered by some America’s most important dramatist.  The chapter "A Rhetorical Approach to O’Neill’s Early Wife Characters" is written by Babson professor Beth Wynstra. 

The Value of a Dollar includes actual pricing of thousands of items that consumers purchased from the Civil War to the present, along with facts about investment options and income opportunities, average salaries for different types of jobs, and more.  If you ever wanted to know how much things cost "back in the day" and track price trends over time, this book's for you! 

Historical Time Travel -- Each volume in the Working Americans series features 30 up-close and personal profiles of individuals and families. Through these profiles, readers can learn of past lifestyles at home, at work, and in the community.  The series includes:

  • Volume I: The Working Class (2nd Edition)
  • Volume II: The Middle Class
  • Volume III: The Upper Class
  • Volume IV: Their Children
  • Volume V: Americans at War (2nd Edition)
  • Volume VI: Women At Work, (2nd Edition) 
  • Volume VII: Social Movements
  • Volume VIII: Immigrants
  • Volume IX: From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War
  • Volume X: Sports & Recreation
  • Volume XI: Inventors & Entrepreneurs
  • Volume XII: Our History through Music
  • Volume XIII: Educators & Education
  • Volume XIV: African Americans
  • Volume XV: Industry Through the Ages

Please note that we are currently missing those volumes that have a second edition. We had bought the first editions but they did not transfer over from a former platform.  We will be acquiring the missing volumes in the near future.