Mintel Reports

Basic Search Tips

1. Conduct a quick keyword search (top, middle search box) for a list of reports that contain your keyword(s).  Use "quotes" for phrase searching.

2. Narrow results by the facets on the left menu bar or choose to clear or select all filters.

3. To browse a list of Report Categories, click on Category Overview and choose by Sector, Theme or Demographic Group.

4. Highlight the report title you wish to view and click on the sections you want. Only one section at a time may be viewed so follow the Printing & Saving instructions  in order to save the entire report in one file.

5. "Insights" (top menu bar, under "What's New") provides analysts' "insights"  or "trend tracking" for various industry sectors, on a regular basis.

Citing Reports

MLA Style Examples: 

Example of a report.
Mintel. "Organic Food & Beverage Shoppers - US." Mintel. March 2015. Web. 21 July 2015.

Example of a table from a report.
Mintel. "Figure 11: Total US Sales and Forecast of Adult Footwear, at Current Prices, 2009-19" in Men's and Women's Footwear - US. Mintel Academic. Sept. 2014. Web. 13 Sept. 2014.