ECN3665: International Finance Research Guide

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Patricia Berens
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Start Your Research with Power Search

What is PowerSearch?

  • Search engine that searches the Library's article and e-book databases (e.g. EBSCOhost, ProQuest, JSTOR, Ebook Central, etc.) and the library catalog (of print books available in Horn Library)

How to get relevant results

  • If the results don't look that great, try using different search terms (think of different ways to express concepts, like synonyms)
  • Use the filters in the left-hand column to narrow down the result set, e.g. by subject, date, type of publication, etc. 


General concept searching

  • Bitcoin
  • Venezuela debt crisis
  • Sovereign wealth funds

Specific phrase or name (words have to stay together in this order)

  • "Federal Reserve"
  • "capital markets"
  • "interest rates"

Searching for more than one concept (note capitalization of connectors)

  • Eurozone crisis AND "European Central Bank" AND reform

Searching using alternate keywords, i.e.synonyms (note capitalization of connectors)

  • FDI OR foreign direct investment
  • Bitcoin OR cryptocurrency
  • Labor unions OR unionization OR collective bargaining OR organized labor

Searching for all variations of a word

  • outsourc* will pick up outsourced, outsourcing, outsources

Searching with words with varied spelling

  • Privati?ation searches for both privatization as well as privatisation

Combining all these features

  • Transition economies AND (EU OR "European Union") AND (privati?ation OR capitalism OR free market)

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