Copyright at Babson

Detailed guide to answer all your questions about copyright issues, for students, faculty and staff.

May I show a video?

May I make a copy of a video?

Video is protected by the same copyright law as other media, which means that the following policies apply: 

Permission must be obtained for any use that falls outside fair use

  • If copyright is not claimed, you may make a copy of a video. Videos and DVDs have not been around long enough to have passed into the public domain. A film may have, though: When does a work pass into the public domain?
  • Check the DVD or video for its copyright notice. The library catalog may also include specific copyrights or terms of use for DVDs in our collection. 
  • Permission must be obtained for any copying that falls outside of fair use.

May I digitize the presentation of a speaker in the classroom?

Make sure you get a signed permission form from the presenter so that you will be able to use the presentation in future classes. Contact the Media and Production Services Group for support for your projects. 

The College licenses the use of music for the radio station and student events. Permission may be required for any uses that are not instructional.

How do I get permission to show a film?

Performance rights are vital if you are showing a film to the public. Some films in the library's collection may already provide these rights. To find out if a particular film does, look it up in the library catalog. If it does not, you will have request permission from the film's US Distributor. Many of these films will be available through Swank. They represent most major Hollywood studios. For assistance with this process, you may contact Emily Miles, x5604.