Finding Newspapers & Journals Research Guide

Find newspapers in multiple formats (electronic, in-print, on microfilm) from different time periods.

Locate Print and Older Newspapers/Journals

A selection of current periodicals is available for browsing in racks on the first floor of the library. Adjacent to the current periodical stacks are lucite wall racks, which house the latest issue of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Boston Globe.

The following microfilm titles are housed in the basement of Babson Hall; request them at Information Desk1 and allow some lead time for their retrieval.  To use a microfilm machine and printer, inquire at Information Desk 1.  An asterisk* following a title indicates that there is overlap with more current electronic formats.

Barron's 1969-1993*

Chronicle of Higher Education 1966-2003*

Commerical and Financial Chronicle 1960-1987

Financial Times 1975-2005*

Journal of Commerce 1958-2000

New York Times 1945-2005*

Wall Street Journal 1950-2005*

Wall Street Transcript 1968-1997

Back journals/magazines are arranged alphabetically by title (on shelfs) in the back of the first floor and newspapers (generally kept for 4 months) are in hanging folders.