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Alumni Resources Guide:  Home

Welcome to the Alumni Resources Guide!

Babson College alumni have access to a select suite of resources, including a number of databases available on and off campus, depending on the Library's subscription agreements. Please review the information below for information on accessing Babson's resources. 

Use the green tabs near the top of the page to navigate between the sections of this guide; a brief description of each section is also included below:

1. Databases Available On Campus

This section lists the databases available on campus in Wellesley at the Horn Library. (Requires Alumni OneCard; see details below.)

2. Resources Available Off Campus

This section lists business resources available free to the public and/or through public libraries.

3. Finding Books & Articles

Use this section to find books and articles in the Horn Library collection.

Babson Alumni Username, Password, and OneCard

  • How do you get an Alumni OneCard to access Babson resources?

Contact the Alumni Office at for Alumni OneCard information.

  • Why can't alumni use certain databases?

Many of the Library's database contracts do not include continued off-campus access for alumni, and some contracts restrict on-campus alumni access.

Please remember all Babson subscription databases are limited to non-commercial academic use.

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