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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy: Citing AI-Enabled Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resource Guide

When should I cite my use of AI tools?

In general: you should always be transparent about your use of AI tools. Since AI tools cannot be considered an author (established by Thaler v. Perlmutter on August 18, 2023), they should not be considered a source. Instead, they are generally considered a collaborator

Therefore, you should cite AI tools when they are used to:

  • Gather information
  • Write text
  • Edit Text
  • Synthesize ideas or find connections
  • Clean/manipulate data

What elements do I need for a citation?

For most AI tools, you should collect the following elements for citation:

  • Tool name and version (e.g., ChatGPT 3.5, Grammarly, etc.)
  • Time and date of usage
  • Prompt or query
  • Response
  • Follow up queries and responses
  • Name of person who queried

Adapted from CC BY-NC MIT Libraries

How do I cite AI?

Below is the current guidance from MLA, APA, and Chicago Style Manuals as of January 2024.  

AI Policies

Before using AI tools in an official capacity, you should know the policy of the school, class, or publication for which you are writing.