Strategic Problem Solving

To support the company strategy research component of of STR3000

How to Approach Your Research

Data TriangulationTo properly research your company/industry for strategy analysis, always approach it using three perspectives

  • Company perspective - SEC filings, website, company investor presentations, earnings conference calls, etc
  • Industry view  - how are they viewed by competitors, where do they fit in the industry, how does the market rate them?
  • Expert perspective  -  use the experience and opinions of an industry analyst to better evaluate performance and problems such as from an investment research report from Investext or in depth market research from Gartner or similar higher level analysis.

Business News

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Where to Find Different Types of Information

What are you looking for?

Company Information including:

  • Analyst reports
  • Stock prices
  • Financial information including annual reports, quarterly reports and associated presentations & transcripts
  • Company history & overview
  • Competitors
  • Company's vision & mission
  • Management team, board members
  • Products and/or services 
  • News articles 

Industry Information including:

  • Industry reports & overviews
  • Trends
  • Key Players
  • Current news
  • Ratios & comparables

Market Research including:

  • Market overviews
  • Market size
  • Consumer data
  • Demographic data
  • Economic data

Competitive Environment including:

  • Making company lists to find competitors
  • Market share & competitive landscape