FIN4530: Investments

Guide to constructing and managing equity and fixed income portfolios for clients using library and Cutler Center tools like Bloomberg, Morningstar, CapitalIQ.

Content Mgt. & Research Librarian; Economics & Finance Liaison

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Patricia Berens
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Tools to Use

Investments class FIN 4530 pulls together your knowledge of securities and markets to teach you how to effectively plan, construct and execute a portfolio of assets for a client's financial target.  The Cutler Center will be your lab for testing and creating your client portfolio of equities and bonds.

The class uses the same tools as professional money managers to:

  • Review portfolio styles, strategies and success - Morningstar
  • Screen for stocks and bonds to match our strategy - Bloomberg and Capital IQ
  • Optimize our equity portfolio using a risk model - Bloomberg
  • Test portfolio strategy and performance over time - Bloomberg and Capital IQ
  • Analyze performance attribution and risk for client reports - Bloomberg and Capital IQ

See the links on the side to find videos showing how to use these tools for your assigned projects.

Investment Styles

Equity and Fixed Income

Investment Style Boxes

Style Maps