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Library Resources for EPS1000 Foundations of Entrepreneurial Management (FEM)



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Billy Tringali

Getting Started

Horn Library makes many amazing resources available to you while you are a student at Babson. Your FEM Team Project is a great opportunity to get to know a few of them. 

This site will help direct you to some of those resources that will enable you to make informed and intelligent decisions as you learn about the new venture development process. Many of the resources available to you are used by real companies, venture capital firms and consulting firms. 

Use the menu on the left to navigate through the different types of information you will be looking for:

  • Industry & Market Infoa better understanding of the macro landscape can help you identify an unmet or underserved market need, is this industry growing or shrinking? where are the opportunity spaces? ... 
  • Competitors, and competing products/serviceshow much of the market do your potential competitors control? what kind of funding have they received? what need are they filling? ...
  • Customer information - how will you best reach your customers? what drives your potential customers to make the decisions they do? what social media platforms are they on? ...
  • Financial & Business Model Resources - what are the average costs for a new company in your industry? what kind of growth can you expect? what kind of funding are comparable companies getting? ....