Honors Program Research Guide

Overview of Guide

Welcome to the Honors Program Research Guide! This guide is designed to support you through Honors Seminars I and II, as you conduct the research for your Honors Thesis. 

Disclaimer: Although this guide was created in consultation with the Honors Seminar facilitators, it is designed to be supplementary to the information you receive in Honors Seminar I & II. Please always consult your professor for guidance on your assignments.

See below for the contents of this guide:

Horn Library Research Librarians

All of our research librarians are here to support you throughout your Honors Thesis process.

For continuity, though, it may help to make a connection at the beginning of your process with one of our divisional liaison librarians, and ask them if they'll support you individually. Identify the division your Honors Thesis topic falls under, and find the contact information for the appropriate librarian for you below.

Find Your Liaison Librarian

Accounting and Law Daryl Bullis x6482 dbullis@babson.edu
Arts and Humanities Daryl Bullis x6482 dbullis@babson.edu
Economics Patricia Berens x5486

Jess D'Atri



Finance Patricia Berens x5486 pberens@babson.edu
History and Society Daryl Bullis x6482 dbullis@babson.edu
Management Saskia Kusnecov x5605
Marketing  Saskia Kusnecov x5605 skusnecov@babson.edu
MAST Daryl Bullis x6482 dbullis@babson.edu
OIM  Anicia Kuchesky x5329 akuchesky@babson.edu