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Best of the Web 2 -- Sustainability in Business

Dr. Art's Guide to Science
Some think science will save us. Others believe only science using "systems thinking" has a chance. Not sure what that means? Here Dr. Art takes a look at the big ideas that serve as a foundation for a systems understanding of science. It may look like a kids' site, but for those of us publically educated before, say, 2005, it may be worth a look-see.

Earth Trends
From the site: "EarthTrends is a comprehensive online database, maintained by the World Resources Institute, that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world."
Everything you need or want to know about hybrid vehicles, gas mileage, green house gas emissions from vehicular traffic, fuel economy ratings, and more.

Grist Magazine
If you read just one online enviro news mag, this is it. Their tagline: "Gloom and doom with a sense of humor." Just take a look -- you'll get hooked.

National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture
It's not just about finding a way to carry on with current energy consumption only minus the emissions. Sustainability, or the lack thereof, touches all national systems, agriculture being one of the largest. Topics include pesticide use and corporate organics, fair trade, food sovereignty, genetic engineering, irradiation and more.

Redefining Progress
This time the discussion centers on economics. Click on "Sustainable Economics" for an interesting twist on the "Gross National Product" -- here it's called the "Genuine Progress Indicator" and factors in such things as volunteer work, crime stats, enviro degredation, public infrastructure, state of leisure and so on.


Best of the Web -- Sustainability

  • B Corp -- downloadable guides  
    B Corp certifies businesses that meet stringent social and environmental standards. See their free guides on varying aspects of conducting green business.
  • Center for Small Business and the Environment  
    About 80% of the clean technology industry consists of small businesses, say the folks at the CSBE, originators of the Small Business Climate Initiative. Read their ideas for how small business owners can protect and defend the environment.
  • Dictionary of Sustainable Management  
    An open dictionary for business leaders and students of sustainability and business-related terms. It is a project of the Presidio School of Management.
  • Ecopreneurist  
    Ecopreneurist provides news and advice on sustainable and social entrepreneurship. Learn about new green products and services for the LOHAS demographic, and get marketing and branding assistance for your green start-up business.
  • Ethical Corporation  
    UK-based organization with solid articles and resources.
  • Greenbiz  
    Their tagline: "Business voice of the green economy."

Keywords -- Sustainability

Key words for sustainability:

corporate social responsibility  
economic development  
ecosystem management  
energy policy  
environmental economics  
environmental management  
environmental monitoring  
environmental policy  
environmental protection  
fair trade
fair use
forest management  
human ecology  
industrial management  
natural resources  
social responsibility
strategic planning  
sustainable agriculture  
sustainable development  
sustainable forestry  
water resources development  
water supply