Financial Times

How to link to e-paper articles

Per our contract with Financial Times, we are not allowed to email or post entire articles; we need to link to the articles.  One cannot link directly to the e-paper, but one can link to articles as they appear in the paper by following these steps:

  1. Find the article on in order to get the link to post.
  2. Note: the e-paper edition and the edition of an article may differ slightly.
  3. Once you find the article in, copy the URL from the address bar and enter it in the Link Generator in order to format the URL correctly.
  4. Copy the formatted link into your Blackboard or Canvas course.

For subscribed content, as this is, we recommend putting links through the Link Generator so that access is seamless for students, i.e. they will be able to access the article from anywhere and they will not get prompted for their Babson username and password a second time. More information on the Link Generator tool can be found in the Blackboard Help guide.