Search Fields

Use the following West editorial enhancements (search fields) to understand the significance of a case and improve retrieval:

                Summarizes facts and mentions legal issue.
                To use, enter term in synopsis box in Advanced Search.
                Summarizes legal issue.
                To use, enter term in headnotes box in Advanced Search.
                Provides subject access and classifies headnotes.
                To use, recycle West Topic or Key Number from a 
                previous search.  (See West Key Number System 
                box on this page for additional information.)         

Negative Case History

Beware of red and yellow flags when looking for good law!

  • Red indicates the inclusion of at least one negative point of law.
  • Yellow indicates negative history.

Do not rely on case which includes this language:

  • overruled by
  • abrogated by
  • distinguished by

For more cases, select or add:

  • Negative Treatment tab,
  • History tab,
  • Citing References tab,
  • KC:_ or Keycite:_ prefix to the legal citation.

West Key Number System

Select Tools (menu bar) to access West Key Number System.

  • Find a numerical key to incorporate in your search
  • Use TITLE SEARCH box (on right) to locate where your search word appears in the West Key Number hierarchy
  • Drill down through the hierarchy to find applicable cases