To do a search using keywords and connectors:

  1. Search All Content or select content to search.
  2. Enter search using appropriate connectors from the table below.
  3. Use the date drop-down, if desired.
  4. Narrow search by applying filters or search within results.
  5. Change Sort by relevance drop-down, if desired.
  6. Customize results display if a different view is desired. 


Example: "flag burn!" /s free speech (S = in same sentence.)
Content:: Cases - All state cases


Example: ("breach of contract" or negligence) and "damaged goods"
Content:: Cases -  All federal cases
Date: All dates before 2000





Exact word order with up to 2 words inbetween


Sonia +2 Sotomayor

Interior letter changer to retrieve woman and women



Add to word root to retrieve defended, defendant, etc.   ! defend!

Boolean searching

AND (&)
OR (space)
NOT (%)

whistleblower & embezzlement
car automobile
libel % slander

Any word order within up to 10 words of each other


trademark /10 similar

Strict word order and both appear in same paragraph or sentence +p or +s

interstate +s banking

Both words appear in same paragraph or sentence in any order

/p or /s

copyright /p registered

Surround a phrase in quotation marks to bind words together

" "

"underground storage tank"

Read this first.

  • If you wish to search specific fields (or sections) in a document, select CONTENT before clicking on ADVANCED (search) link.
  • The number of fields available for searching varies with the type of document searched.  Cases have the most fields.