Basic Search Tips

At HOME page use search box to retrieve documents by citation or party name,
or browse content links or menu tabs.

         Example of citation: 552 U.S. 312
Example of party names: Roe v. Wade

To research a legal issue:

  1. Search All Content (default) or select desired content to search.
  2. Enter search in either natural language or
    use boolean terms & connectors.   (West recognizes both.)
  3. Refine search results using left-hand column.
             Select content format (if searching all content),
             Select filters (if selecting content before doing search).

To return to the HOME page, click on the WestlawNext logo at the top of the page.

Output Options

Use the email icon drop-down (upper right) in fulltext mode to reveal additional output options: print, download, kindle.

Using Topics

If you would like to retrieve a sample of the most recent documents available without doing a search:

  • Select content for searching
  • Cursor down to bottom of screen to see available topics
  • Choose a topic

If you have followed the above instructions but would like to expand the number of documents available for a particular category, then add this step: enter a search in the top box.

International Content

For access to European Union materials, click on International Materials link at bottom of right-hand column.
This section includes:

  • Cases
  • Legislation
  • Journal Articles
  • Current Awareness