Basic Search Tips

1. In the FIND box, type in your search terms.
2. Use the drop down menu to search in specific fields, such as company name, geographic location and more.
3. Click Search.

In the Refine Search area, you can also choose to limit your search to:

  • Full Text only,
  • a specific journal title
  • scholarly (peer reviewed) journals
  • date published
  • publication type or document type


If you are not getting many results, you may want to expand your search by checking the Apply additional terms to query or Search within full text articles checkboxes at the bottom of the Refine Search area.

Finding Company & Industry Profiles and Country Reports

For Datamonitor company reports:

  • Choose the Business Source Complete database.
  • Choose the Company Profile link on the top menu bar.
  • Browse or search for your company name.
  • Click on the PDF link for the report.


For EIU Country Reports:

  • Choose the Business Source Complete database.
  • Put a country name in the search box and choose Title from the drop-down
  • Scroll down the page and choose Country Report from the Publication Type drop-down
  • Search results will include country reports from various vendors including the EIU

Advanced Search Tips

Use Boolean searching, truncation, wildcards, and proximity limiters to enhance your search.

AND entrepreneur and team Returns articles that contain BOTH words.
OR entrepreneur or intrapreneur Returns articles that contain EITHER word.
( ) (entrepreneur or intrapreneur) and interviews Grouped searching. Returns articles that contain EITHER word in parenthesis AND the word interviews.
* entrepreneur* Returns articles that contain the root "entrepreneur" on its own and any variations: entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial, etc.
? wom?n Variants of the one letter versus an entire ending as with the asterisk. Wom?n would return articles with "women" or "woman" or "womyn".
Proximity - Words in same order
wX market x2 share Returns articles where the words market and share are no more than 2 words apart and in that order.
Proximity - Words in any order
nX market n2 share Returns articles where the words market and share are no more than 2 words apart in any order. (market share or share of the market)

Using field tags

EBSCO treats a short list of search bar search tags (when entered in lower or mixed case) as text. Only UPPER CASE instances of these tags will be treated as search tags: AN, AS, AU, BE, DE, DO, DR, GI, IN, IP, IS, LA, RN, SO.

The EBSCOhost search engine will place quotation marks around the tags listed above, whenever they are entered in lower or mixed case. Therefore, a user will see the quotes in search history and saved searches going forward.

For example, if the user enters an american tragedy, they will see "an" american tragedy in their search history.