Fixed Income

Find GOVT bond yields, ratings and history using WB and WCDM.  Change any  orange colored panel for different views

For other options, use the GOVT <go> or F2 key for the full GOVT menu

To find all bonds from one company issuer, type their ticker symbol  (TGT) / CORP <Go> for a detailed list.

Right click on any of the bonds to see the full detail on description, yield, payout, ratings etc.

To screen on available corporate bonds for specific coupon rates, ratings and maturity dates, use SRCH and use the panels for your inputs and pull down choices.


Bloomberg is a GREAT source for economic data - for viewing, charting, downloading.  Use the ECONOMIC DATA menu to see all of the display choices but two good ones to use are ECST for World Econ Stats and ECFC for economic data forecasts by nation.