Cutler Center Resources

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About the Cutler Center

The Stephen D. Cutler Center for Investments & Finance is dedicated to advancing finance education and improving the marketability of Babson students. We provide programs and cutting-edge resources that enrich the student learning experience, support faculty research, and engage our alumni community. We're committed to furthering Babson's innovative and practical approach to finance education and enabling industry practitioners, faculty, and students to collaborate and learn from one another.  

The Cutler Center is home to the Babson College Fund (BCF) and reflects Babson’s commitment to provide its students with a “real world” educational experiences. Some of the information resources available include: Bloomberg, FactSet, CapitaIQ, and many others.

The Cutler Center finance lab is located in Babson Commons. The Center is open to all students the same hours as the Library.  For more information about the Cutler Center's resources and programs, please contact Leslie Romiza, at ext. 5115.