Honors Research Guide

Annotated Bibliographies

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers a good explanation and examples of annotated bibliographies and a few annotated bibliography samples   (MLA and APA).

Boolean Logic: AND, OR, and NOT

While searching, if you are getting too many results, practice performing searches with Boolean operators (AND, OR) to find materials about a topic.

The green circle represents people who own homes.
The purple circle represents solar heat.
The gray overlap of the circles represents people who own homes and heat with solar.

Both circles as a group are people who own homes or heat with solar.

  • AND narrows your search, and
  • OR broadens your search


  • sailboat AND racing
  • (TV OR television) AND (children OR preteens)
  • (nutrition OR diet) AND (vitamins OR supplements)
Try to create your own search:
Simple Search:
_______________ and _____________________

Complex Search:
( ____________ or ____________ ) and (_____________ or _____________)