Mintel Market Size

Basic Search Tips

  1. Click Search from the top menu bar.
  2. Define your criteria by drilling down to choose country, industry and then filter by the market.
  3. The criteria chosen will move to the Selected Items box on the right.
  4. Once all criteria has been selected, scroll down to see the Available Data Sets and click View Results.
  5. Choose to view by Market or by Country.
  6. The first view shows Market Size. Also view Market Share & Segmentation, CAGR (Growth Rates) or Socio-Economic Data.
  7. Notice the Related Reports listed on the top, right above the data sets.

If you are not sure which category your company or product can be found use the Search box on the top, right.


  • Click the small i under Scope for a definition of the data
  • Currency defaults to U.S. $
  • Inflation - Adjustments - where available, change to a different year
  • Data may be viewed in a Chart