Copyright at Babson

Detailed guide to answer all your questions about copyright issues, for students, faculty and staff.

I am a student. May I post course materials from my classes online?

The quick answer is no.

The longer answer is, if the course materials were originally not created by you, you are not the copyright owner. Just because your professor provided a copy of a document does not give you permission to upload it online and share it with others. According to copyright law, the copyright owner (or someone that he/she delegates) is the only one who is permitted to share copies of a work. Posting other people's copyrighted work without permission is illegal copyright infringement. It is also a violation of the College's Computer Code of Ethics/Acceptable Use of Campus Network and Computing Systems.

I am a professor. Who owns the works I create while working at Babson?

Please refer to the Babson College Policy on Intellectual Property, which can be found in the Faculty Handbook.