Copyright at Babson

Detailed guide to answer all your questions about copyright issues, for students, faculty and staff.

What do I need to know about licensing of business cases?

Business cases are published works licensed from the publishers and fall outside of the rules for other media. Copyright permissions need to be purchased for each individual who will be using a case. Harvard Business School Cases must be purchased directly from Harvard Business Publishing. For more information, consult the Faculty Portal. For Babson cases, you may contact Kathy Esper, Manager of the Babson Teacher Center at x4502. Cases from other sources can be purchased as part of your coursepack. The only exception is that Babson authors who have published through Babson Publishing can use their own cases.

May I make a copy of a case?

No, you may not make a copy of a case. Copyright permissions must be purchased for each individual who will be using the case. Cases can be purchased through the Babson bookstore in print or electronically.

May I use a case in the classroom?

If you wish to use a case in the classroom, students must purchase their own copies of the case. You cannot freely make copies of cases because they are licensed from their publisher.

Faculty may use the cases that they have published with Babson Publishing. For more information, please contact Kathy Esper at CELT, x4502.

May I place a case on reserve in the library for student use?

Due to copyright restrictions, the library will not place any cases on reserve. all cases must be purchased from the bookstore, HBS or The Case Centre.