Copyright at Babson

Detailed guide to answer all your questions about copyright issues, for students, faculty and staff.

May I place a link to full text articles in Blackboard?

Titles within the library's collection may be linked within your course site. For more detailed information, see the Blackboard Help guide. You may not, however, link to Harvard Business Review articles. These must be added to your coursepack.

May I give a copy of an article I find during the semester to my students?

You have a couple of options for articles that you find "on the fly" throughout the semester.

  • If the article is not available online with a durable link, you may make one copy per student to pass out in class for that one semester only.
  • You may also place one copy of the article on reserve at the Library Information Desk.

If you want to continue to use the article in future semesters and it is not available through the library, it should be added to your course pack.

May I place full text of an article on my web site?

You are responsible for copyright permission for your own web site. If you do not wish to obtain permission to upload it, a link to the article in question is a better bet.

May I place an article on reserve in the Library for student use?

If an article is not available electronically, library staff will make a copy of an article from a journal in the library's print periodical collection to be placed on course reserve for students' use in the Library. Contact Emily Miles, x5604.

May I post a PDF of an article onto my Blackboard page?

No, you may not do this unless you have received permission from the copyright owner. If it is a PDF from a library database, this is a form of contract and copyright violation. Database provides provide royalties to publishers based on number of article views. You must instead post the link to the article. For assistance with obtaining copyright permission for articles that the library does not have, contact Emily Miles, x5604.