Consumer Brand Analytics

Tutorial Created By CBA

The exercise below takes you through all five components of Consumer Brand Analytics: Total Market, Brands, Brand Share Index Interactive, Brand Share Index Details and Top Ten Brands


Assume that you are a marketing agency and you plan to approach a prospective soft drink client, who is one of the five leading brands.

Here's How To Proceed


  2. Click on the “Total Market” icon. Examine the table and make note of the five top brands; THEN CLICK ON THE “BACK” ARROW;

  3. Click on the “Brand Summary” icon. Examine reports for each of the five brands. This will familiarize you with basic information available for each brand; THEN CLICK ON THE “BACK” ARROW;

  4. Click on the “Interactive Brand Share Index” icon. Read the right-hand column on the landing page to learn what the Brand Share Index is and then use the following steps to create a table:

    1. Select a Brand Segment (Soft Drinks);

    2. Select a Row Heading and highlight “Coca-Cola,” then hold down the "ctrl" key and highlight the other four brands;

    3. Select “Male,” hold down the “ctrl” key and select “Female” and also “18-34”;

    4. Click on Search Brand Info 

    5. View the results of your search by scrolling down the page.

    The resulting chart shows how various brands differ in terms of the relative importance of gender and age (18-34). THEN CLICK ON THE “BACK” ARROW;

  5. Click on Brand Share Index Details” icon. This section opens an Excel file, which contains a wealth of cross-tabbed information for each brand. This where you can learn a great deal more detail about each of the five brands. THEN CLICK ON THE “BACK” ARROW;

  6. Click on “Top 10 Brands” icon and review the charts, which summarize key information you’re already discovered in the previous sections. You may find these charts useful as a quick analysis to present to your prospective client.