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Morningstar Direct

Tutorials and Certification

For training and the MDirect Certification program, choose  Learning Center under the Home tab on the left nav bar. You can access video and power point tutorials on all MD functionality. 
For a thorough introduction to all key functions in MD, choose the Certification Program.
To help you get started, go to the class title in Direct and refer to User Guide column to launch the tutorial. We advise that you have the Morningstar Direct application open on your computer so that you can emulate the navigation described in the tutorial.
After you have finished studying each tutorial lesson and are comfortable navigating the software, click on Take Exam in Direct and complete the corresponding certification exam. It is very important to take the exams in order. Once each lesson is complete, you will receive your results instantaneously and the password to take the next exam - provided you receive a grade of 75% or higher. Please print the results for your records to keep track of what classes you have taken.
In order to become Morningstar Direct Certified, you must pass all of the exams. You may retake any exam in which you did not pass. If you wish to view supplemental information to the tutorials, you may do so by watching pre-recorded videos or registering for live webcast sessions - both indicated by the respective columns located next to each lesson title.
Once you are Morningstar Direct Certified, you will automatically receive the certification in electronic format.