Leveraging the Library for Your Job Search

Vault Career Insider

Search Vault Career Insider for information about jobs within your preferred industry.

These short articles provide overviews of the industry, jobs graduates tend to be hired into, a typical day on the job, the skills and experiences managers look for, ways to break into the industry, and the major players in the market.

Vault also provides rankings and analysis of top companies within different industries and professions.

You can also find discussion boards, industry blogs, and sample resumes and cover letters.


Additional Career Resources

For additional information, check out:

Business Journals

Consider the business journals, such as the Boston Business Journal, which are available online for every major metropolis in the United States. These publications include a career section as well as news about up and coming businesses, mergers, and companies who are expanding their real estate holdings. These tidbits of information are "hidden job leads" and can also give you an idea of the business climate in a particular area.

Google Searches

Perform Google searches for articles, blogs, reviews, insight, and advice from people in the industry or profession you would like to join.

Try combining a career with keywords and phrases like:

  • A day in the life
  • Career advice
  • Job advice
  • Day to day
  • Typical day
  • Working as
  • Advice
  • etc.