Leveraging the Library for Your Job Search

Industry Information Research Guide

Further information about industry research can be found on our Industry Information Research Guide.

Video Demonstration

This 5-minute video demonstrates how to search for Babson alumni within a particular industry using Capital IQ and the Babson Alumni Directory.

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Industry Research

Find industry reports, key industry players, and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes in the following resources. Collect the following pieces of information to start developing a portfolio of research about your chosen industry.


Industries are classified according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). A NAICS code is a number, usually 6 digits, assigned to your industry that differentiates it from all other industries. This number can be used as a search term when collecting industry research.

You can find the NAICS code for your industry several different ways:

Company Lists

Use Company Dossier or AtoZ Databases to create downloadable lists of companies in your industry. These lists can be sorted by geographical area, number of employees, revenue, and more. Export the list into Microsoft Excel and take it with you as a starting point for finding companies to research.


Search for articles about your industry from newspapers, magazines, journals, and trade publications. Search these databases with your industry name or NAICS code and additional keywords such as:

  • growth
  • SWOT
  • challenges
  • opportunities
  • news
  • etc.

Global Career Information

If you are interested in working for a global company, you can search for Foreign Firms Operating in the United States and American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries.  Also look in GoinGlobal.

For information about countries and their different industries, search Business Monitor International for country forecasts and industry reports.