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Learning Goals

Babson's stated learning goals for Ethics and Social Responsibility:

Babson graduates are prepared and willing to be responsible members of society; they are committed to continually developing intellectual, ethical, social, and professional character and abilities.

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Babson's Honor Code Statement

"Since Babson was founded, students have explored business and ethics together. The first ethics class, offered in 1919 when the College was founded, acknowledged the need for responsibility and accountability in business. An excerpt from the 1919 course catalog:

Business Ethics: Starting with the acknowledged evils existent in the business world today, this course traces them in large part to the influence of three types of social theory...fundamental principles applies: truthfulness in business...responsibility for the uses of money and power; socialism; modern anarchy.

Today, we continue to integrate ethics in innovative ways. Babson recently developed an ethical framework within the curriculum that is embedded throughout your four years at Babson. The framework gives students philosophical knowledge and analytical skills for ethical decision making in and out of the workplace.

Babson strives to be a community of honor. Our Undergraduate Honor Code recently was developed by a group of students, faculty, staff, and alumni to set forth the fundamental principles of academic honesty and integrity in pursuit of the ethical application of knowledge within the academic environment.

The Babson community is dedicated to providing you with a quality education and enriching student experience with integrity at the core.

In your course work, activities, and life in the residence halls, we will challenge you to learn, understand, and reflect on how your decisions impact the Babson community and the broader communities in which you live, work, and serve. We expect you to be ethically responsible leaders, both in business and in life. The Babson College Undergraduate Honor Code creates the kind of campus culture that we believe fosters critical learning and development—an essential element to your success, both as Babson students, as alumni and as future leaders."

All text in this box is from the Academics/Ethics at Babson web site.

UGrad Honor Code

The Five Pillars of the Undergraduate Honor Code:
Honesty, Respect, Trust, Fairness, Ownership

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