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Can We Use Library subscription services (such as Forrester) for consulting projects?

Some databases are available at academic institutions at deeply discounted prices. Consequently, there may be restrictions on use. Each of our database instructions pages will indicate restrictions in the Scope note.  For example, the Forrester database instruction web page states Access Restrictions: Academic research only – (see above); alumni, walk-in visitors may not use. “Academic research only” generally means for course-related and faculty research only, and not for job-hunting, internships, consulting projects and other projects leading to financial gain. The “see above” refers to additional details that should be reviewed before use.

Citing Facts & Figures

I used some facts and figures for an EPS paper. Do I need to cite them and if so how?

You may use portions of any copyrighted work but you must provide proper credit for the work using citations. Citations generally include the source of the information, title, date, pages or web address, etc. We have examples of how to cite resources at the bottom of each of our Electronic Resources instruction pages so please refer back to the Forrester instruction page. For more information on citing sources, see our web page Citing Electronic & Print Sources.

Calling Competitors

I am working on a SWOT analysis for a group class project. After we prepare the final report, we are going to present our ideas to an outside company as part of a consulting project. As part of my analysis of the competitive environment, I plan to call some of the competitors to assess their market position. Can I say that I am working on a consulting project?

When you call a company, you need to represent yourself accurately. If you are working on a class assignment, then you are a Babson student who is doing a class project. The company’s public relations department should be accustomed to getting inquiries from students who are studying the company; they are often receptive and willing to provide information. If you are consulting to a company, then you are in essence working for that company, and need to represent yourself as such. In fact, if you are working on a class assignment that is part of a consulting project, your consulting company may place restrictions on what they want you to say. You should check with the guidelines for your project, such as BCAP, IMC, or MCFE, to see if you should be following a particular protocol for making this sort of contact with an outside company.

Sharing Copies of an Article

I found the perfect article for our team project. Can I share copies of the article with my team members and BCAP company?

Yes, to your group members, either by sending them a link to the article or by emailing it directly from the web site where you found it. However, as our database licenses are for academic use only, you may not share the article with your BCAP, MCFE, or internship company or any others outside of Babson. If you want to share the article with your group members, you should share the link to the article, but not the actual article itself. The idea is that the web provider of the article needs to count how many people view the article.

Please see the Copyright Guidelines for more information about copyright and fair use. Similar guidelines apply to downloading and keeping copies of videos.

Trades in the Cutler Center

Can I place trades in the Cutler Center?

No, neither the Cutler Center nor the Babson network can be used for the exchange of non-educational or non-Babson related business content.