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Basic Search Tips


Our subscription to WebReports allows two types of searching:

Company Search:   Enter either the company name or the Ticker Symbol (or if a US or Canadian company, the CUSIP or CIK) .  Choose your company from the list.

Corporate Manual Search:  Enter the company name, choose a manual from the list, and enter the date.  Here is a list of the manuals:



Once you have selected the appropriate criteria, click on the "Search" button to retrieve your result list, otherwise click on the "Reset" button to clear your search criteria.  To start a new search, click on the "New Search" link on the upper -left part of screen.

Viewing and Downloading

Search Result List

Once you have initiated your search, the system will retrieve a result list of available documents that match your criteria.  Under the Company Search results screen, it will display the company name, exchange, country and region.

 To view a single document:

To access the list of available documents, click on company name.

On the Available Documents screen, you can select to view a specific document by clicking the documents date. Note:  These documents are in PDF format, and you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document.


To view multiple documents:

If you are interested in exporting multiple documents, click on the "Select All" checkbox or just select individual documents on the Available Documents screen. Once you have selected the documents that you want, click on the "Download" link.

After you have clicked on the "Download" link, you will be given an option to either save or open the document.

To view the document, select the Open option and the Adobe Acrobat Reader will automatically launch. If you selected the save option, you will be prompted to name the file before it is saved.  Under the Document search results screen, it will display the company name, document date, page count, file size, document type and language.