Horn Library Content Strategy

Media Strategy

Horn Library is expanding acquisition of resources that can be downloaded in a variety of formats and to multiple devices, such as iPods, tablets, etc.   Purchases of e-audiobook subscriptions and downloadable executive book summaries are just some examples. 

DVD and multimedia are selected to fulfill academic curriculum needs. Video formats are preferred in the following priority: DVD, videodisc, VHS. Films are no longer acquired because of their high maintenance costs. The existing film collection can be retained.

Video formats with non-theatrical performance rights are preferred even if the cost is higher. Home-use-only videos are acquired if non-theatrical performance rights are not available and if the video does not specifically prohibit library use. 

If simultaneous class use is needed or if to be shown in a program out of the state, acquisition of a second copy will be considered. Funding partnerships are encouraged for multiple copies.

Increasingly, video content is being added to journal and e-book databases. 

Key Resources

  • Leadership Development Channel in Books 24x7: Short videos by business executives.
  • Harvard Faculty Seminar Series in Business Source Complete (EBSCOhost)
  • Entrepreneurship Database in ProQuest:  Tips & Advice in video format
  • EBSCO e-Audiobooks:  Classic and contemporary literature, international authors, business books, and more.
  • Soundview Executive Book Summaries in Books 24x7: Provides summaries of leading business books from today's foremost business authors.
  • Emerald's Multimedia Zone: Videos of authors providing summaries of their articles