Horn Library Content Strategy

Key Resources

BCC Research: Offers in-depth reports focusing on industrial/manufacturing industries.

BizMiner: Provides detailed industry operational metrics on more than 16,000 lines of business in US national and local markets.

Business Monitor International: Provides in-depth reports about the major industry sectors in a given country; BMI covers most countries in the world.

IBISWorld (includes China & Global): Provides industry profiles covering thousands of industries in the United States as well as key sectors of the Chinese and global economy, at the NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) code level.  Reports include information on market segmentation, barriers to entry, competitive dynamics, supplier relationships, and more.

Plunkett Research Online:  Provides industry analysis on 30 industry sectors covering both standard and newer technology areas. The database gives a broad, top-level view of these sectors, making it a top choice for students who are working on research projects or writing business plans.  

SBRNet (Sports Business Research Network): Provides market research and industry news including coverage of sports equipment sales, sports participation, consumer expenditures, sports marketing, sports facilities, and more.

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage: A financial information resource with access to the S&P Industry Surveys which serve as a model for industry analysis, providing comprehensive overviews of major US industry sectors.


In addition, Horn Library subscribes to market research providers -- see Library Collections: Marketing.

Industry Resources Strategy: Fundamental Resources

Understanding the industry sector in which a company operates or understanding the marketplace context for a new business venture are fundamental and essential business skills.  Horn Library provides access to resources across all business sectors to enable deep industry and market analysis.  Resources cover both local and global markets.

Some faculty members develop case studies based on historical industry information, e.g. in the automotive industry.  The print collection includes historical coverage across sectors but especially in those favored by faculty.