Horn Library Content Strategy

Collection Description: Marketing

The collection supports the course and research needs of the undergraduate and graduate students, and the faculty in the Marketing Division. Particular focus is on consumer products and service industries, business-to-business, high technology and new product management and development. Other areas of concentrated study include advertising, consumer behavior, market segments, buying habits, pricing, cross-cultural marketing, and customer service. Students need some economic data and cultural psychographics to support research in these areas. Students also require materials to support development of a marketing plan.

a.   Languages: English, with occasional exceptions for gifts or high-use materials not available in English.

b.  Geographical Guidelines: chief emphasis on U.S., but collecting must reflect the international emphasis of curriculum as well including Europe, Asia and Latin AmericaNew EnglandMassachusetts and metropolitan Boston are primary areas for collecting materials related to marketing. Other important areas include international demographic data as emphasized in courses and where student population is reflected. Other countries where Babson has a working relationship are ChinaChileMexicoBrazil and Costa Rica and in Europe (ItalySpainFrance, Russia, Switzerland, and Ireland).

c.   Chronological Guidelines: emphasis is on current information, rather than historical materials. History & Society Division requires some historical material related to advertising and society. 

d.   Treatment of Subject: marketing/advertising resources include: primary demographic and statistical data; secondary market analyses; market research:  guidebooks and handbooks; monographs on such topics as: developing advertising, designing surveys and questionnaires, focus groups, compensation and benefits, sales management.  The Horn Library collection stresses primary product/industry data from which students are expected to make their own analyses, with some secondary materials coverage.  A broad selection of standard handbooks and a small representative sampling of the most important monographs will be collected including trade books and "hot" business books.  For public relations, handbooks, guidebooks and reference works are collected rather than popular works.

Key Content

Resources most frequently used include:

Customer Profiles/Demographics/Usage: SimplyAnalytics, Mediamark, Mintel, SRDS - Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions, Euromonitor

Market Research:  BCC Research, Mintel, Forrester Research, Gartner, Marketresearch.com, SBRnet (Sports)

Advertising: Winmo

Core periodicals are those that are essential to teaching, idea generation, research, and required for accreditation.  Below is a sample of titles.

  • Journal of Advertising
  • Journal of Advertising Research
  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Journal of International Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing Research
  • Journal of Retailing
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Key Authors whose works should be reviewed to retain permanently:

Philip Kotler                       David A. Aaker
Robert Bly   Jay Conrad Levinson
Malcolm P. McNair (historical)   Benson P. Shapiro
Douglas J. Dalrymple            Harper W. Boyd
Sidney J. Levy   Al Reis
Harold H. Kassarjian   Seth Godin
Jack Trout   AMA and Marketing Science Institute

Current                            Former

Dhruv Grewal                   Kathleen Seiders
Michael Levy                     Douglas J. Tigert
Ken Matsuno                    Robert Kopp
David Hennessy              Norm Govoni
Jean-Pierre Jeannet
Thomas H. Davenport
Robert Eng
Raj Sisodia

For additional authors and a list of works see Digital Knowledge at Babson.  Search by name or browse by name or division.

Print Collection

The emphasis is on current information, rather than historical materials. The History and Society Division requires some historical material related to advertising and society. We do, however, collect print images of old,classic advertisements and key marketing handbooks, guides and monographs.

HE 8689-8700 Broadcasting
HF 5410-5499 Marketing & Retail Trade
HF 5801-6191 Advertising
HM 263-1221 Publicity, Public Relations, Propaganda

Courses Supported

  • MKT3500    Marketing Communications
  • MKT3505    Innovation & Experimentation
  • MKT3510    Marketing Research 
  • MKT3515    Digital Marketing
  • MKT3520    Business Marketing
  • MKT3525    Marketing Law, Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • MKT3526    Value Selling for Entrepreneurs
  • MKT3540    Retailing Management
  • MKT3541    Conscious Capitalism
  • MKT3550    Consumer Behavior
  • MKT3560    Developing & Marketing New Products
  • MKT3574    Managing the Sales Process
  • MKT3575    Sports Marketing
  • MKT4505    Marketing Management
  • MKT4506    Marketing Analytics
  • MKT4510    Services Marketing
  • MKT4515    Brand Management
  • MKT4520    Sales in Action
  • MKT4560    Global Marketing Management
  • SME2011   Principles of Marketing
  • MKT6100    Customer & Market Engagement
  • MKT7200    Marketing
  • MKT7500    Marketing Communications Strategy
  • MKT7502    Innovation & Experimentation
  • MKT7505    Strategic Market Planning
  • MKT7506    Marketing Analytics
  • MKT7510    Marketing Research and Analysis
  • MKT7535    Services Marketing
  • MKT7542    Digital Marketing
  • MKT7550    Consumer Behavior
  • MKT7555    Marketing High Technology Products
  • MKT7560    Global Marketing Strategy
  • MKT7570    Managing Technology - Intensive Enterprise
  • MKT7571    Building & Leading Effective Sales Force
  • MKT9501    Strategy & Tactics of Pricing
  • MKT9502    Pricing in the Information Industries
  • MKT9509    Foundations of Pricing Strategy
  • MKT9565    Designing & Managing Channels