Horn Library Content Strategy

Collection Description: Entrepreneurship

The strategic focus of our collection is entrepreneurship (practical and theoretical), the business creation process, small business, social & non-profit business, family business, business plans, entrepreneurship education, social entrepreneurship and value creation, women and business, industry content, company histories, including historical case studies, and global studies.   

Collection includes materials needed to support undergraduate and MBA coursework, and basic faculty research and curricular development in entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, family business, franchising, small business and the economy and government, social entrepreneurship, venture financing and related topics. 

Many of these topics overlap with finance, economics, management and marketing areas.  Faculty research also looks at characteristics of entrepreneurs, the relationship between entrepreneurship and government policy at local and international levels and teaching entrepreneurship locally and globally.

Materials on teaching and research of all aspects of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are collected to support the activities of the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, a priority research area at Babson.  

a.      Languages: Materials should be in English; however foreign language materials on entrepreneurship are added, but not actively sought.

b.      Geographical guidelines:  Emphasis is in on United States perspectives, with basic materials collected on European, South American and Asian perspectives.  Market and business law information on Massachusetts and other New England states are also collected.

c.       Chronological:           Emphasis in on current conditions with some basic historical perspectives.  Older market data is needed for specific case studies. 

d.      Treatment:     For introductory information selected subject encyclopedias and handbooks are collected for the Reference and General Collections.  There is a preference for research and popular monographs on narrowly defined-topics, comparative studies, individual and collective biographies of current entrepreneurs, representative general and industry-specific how-to books on starting new businesses and developing business plans, histories of entrepreneurial companies and local nonprofits, and directories of franchising organizations, venture capital and new business sources.  Franchising circulars are acquired selectively and housed in the library. Literature reviews and annotated bibliographies on entrepreneurship themes are collected to support faculty research. 

Key Content

Books:  Individual titles and e-Book collections:  Books 24X7, Book Summaries, ebrary, Gale Virtual Reference Library

Journals:  Business Source Complete (EBSCOhost), ABI/Inform and Entrepreneurship (Proquest), JSTOR, Web of Science, Emerald Insight,

Databases:  Entrepreneurship (Proquest),  VentureXpert and ThomsonOne Private Equity, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Small Business Resource Center (Infotrac). Greenfile (EBSCOhost), GuideStar.  

Reports:  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, Conference Board, NBER Working Papers, Euromonitor GMID, 

Academic Journals: 

  • Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research
  • Journal of small business management
  • Journal of business venturing
  • Entrepreneurship theory and practice
  • Small business Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Regional Development


Magazines and Newspapers:

  • Boston Business Journal
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inc.

Key Authors whose works should be retained permanently:

Zoltan J. Acs, Geoffrey Dees, Peter Drucker, Robert D. Hisrich, Jerome Katz, Josh Lerner, Scott Shane, Sapienza, Stahlman, Stevenson, Jeffry Timmons, Karl Vesper, Harold P. Welsch

Babson Authors:  William Bygrave, Candida Brush, Patricia Greene, Timothy G. Habbershon, Heidi Neck, Donna J. Kelley, Mark P. Rice, Robert Rosenberg, Joel Mark Shulman, Thomas J. Stallkamp, Andrew Zacharakis; including former faculty Churchill, Daniel Muzika, Paul Reynolds, Robert Ronstadt, Stephen Spinelli, Jr., Natalie Taylor, Jeffry Timmons, Shaker Zahra.

Major Titles:

  • Entrepreneurship, by William D. Bygrave
  • Entrepreneurship Education, by Patricia G. Greene
  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)
  • Growing New Ventures, Creating New Jobs:  Principles & Practices of Successful Business Incubation, by Mark P. Rice
  • How to Raise Capital, by Jeffry A. Timmons
  • The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship, by William D. Bygrave
  • New Venture Creation:  Strategies for the 21st Century, by Jeffry A. Timmons

Print Collection

Emphasis is on material within the last 5 - 10 years.  Most entrepreneurship materials are kept except older how-to books.  Older annual editions of directories covering private companies, particularly for high tech & biopharma industries, are needed for faculty research.

HB  615              Entrepreneurship. 
HD  30.28           Business plans
HD  60-69           Entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, risk mgt., teams                  
HD  2321-4730   Small & medium-sized businesses/enterprises (SMEs), industry  
HD 9000-9999     Special Industries and Trade  

HE 1-7599           Transportation

HE 9751-9900     Air Transportation

HF 5001-5399      Careers and Business

HG  65- 70            Private equity
HG  2358
HG  4027              Venture financing
HG  4509
HG  4751              Venture capital
HG  4963 - 4965   Venture capital by region                         
HG  5160.5

TS                          Manufactures

Courses Supported

  • EPS1210 The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Challenge
  • EPS3501 Entrepreneurship and Opportunity
  • EPS3503 New Technology Ventures
  • EPS3505 Great Entrepreneurial Wealth: Creation, Preservation and Destruction
  • EPS3520 Managing Growing Businesses
  • EPS3522 Entrepreneurship in Latin America
  • EPS3540 Raising Money-VC, Angels & Incubators
  • EPS3561 Culture, Society and Entrepreneurship in the Developing Economy
  • EPS 3580 Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • EPS3620 The Enlightened Entrepreneur: Changemakers, Inspired Protagonists, and Unreasonable People
  • EPS3583 The Enlightened Observer
  • EPS4523 Environmental and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • EPS4525 Living the Entrepreneurial Experience (General, Family, or Social focus)
  • EPS4527 Social Entrepreneurship by Design
  • EPS7500 Entrepreneurship
  • EPS7505 Technology Entrepreneurship
  • EPS7510 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • EPS7511 Sustainable Entrepreneurship Inspired by Nature
  • EPS7512 The Enlightened Observer
  • ES7520 Managing a Growing Business   
  • EPS7521 Social Networking and Virtual Worlds - Part 1
  • EPS7524 Living The Venture Capital Investment Process
  • EPS7528 Entrepreneurial Philanthropy
  • EPS7530 M&A for Entrepreneurs
  • EPS7532 The Principle of Objectivity
  • EPS7540 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • EPS7545 The Entrepreneurial Extension: Buying a Small Business
  • EPS7546 Buying a Small Business: The Search Experience
  • EPS7547 Women's Entrepreneurship and Leadership: Perspectives,
  • Organizational Policies and Personal Actions
  • EPS7550 Social Entrepreneurship
  • EPS7552 The Gig Economy and the New Entrepreneurial Imperative
  • EPS7561 Culture, Society and Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies
  • EPS7565 - Babson-Olin SCOPE 
  • EPS7566 Sustainable Entrepreneurship: The Norway Experience
  • EPS7573 Venture and Growth Capital: Theory and Practice
  • EPS 7574 Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • EPS8150 Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities