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Collection Description: Finance

The collection supports undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and provides access to resources for faculty research. The programs focus on business valuation; money and capital markets; planning and managing risk; M&A; fixed income, equity, and derivatives markets and instruments; portfolio management; venture capital sources; and international markets with less emphasis on real estate and banking.

a.   Languages:  English language materials, except for donated materials on foreign exchanges.

b.  Geographical Guidelines:   Global markets with primary emphasis on US and growing focus on China, India and LatAm.

c.   Chronological Guidelines:  Emphasis on the past three to five years with historical data for 20 plus years for company information and economic and investment statistics.

d.   Treatment of Subject:  Statistical sources and tables; broker analyst reports; corporate reports; dictionaries, handbooks and periodicals; directories of venture capital sources, public and private companies and pension funds; laws and regs. for going public; and international exchanges sources.

e.   Format of Material Collected:   Primarily electronic and e-book with representative print collection

 f.   Dates of Publications:  Emphasis on very current with historical data dating back at least five years and in some instances (company and economic data) dating back 20 years.

g.   Other Factors for Consideration:  Faculty research needs to be supported in areas of company, stock, market microstructure and other investment data.  CRSP, Bloomberg, CapIQ are major sources in this area and are supported by the Finance Dept., Cutler Center and librarians. Babson College Fund, Babson Investment Mgmt Associationand Babson Investment Banking Association are also groups that need specialized support. 

Key Content

Company financials - Capital IQ

Company financials and histories: Mergent Online

Markets, bonds, commodities - Bloomberg

Prices, index, and company history - WRDS

Real estate dcf and valuation -  Argus


  • Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
  • Journal of Corporate Finance
  • Journal of Portfolio Mgmt
  • Journal of Finance
  • Journal of Financial Economics
  • Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • Financial Analysts Journal
  • Journal of Financial Markets
  • Review of Financial Studies



  • Barrons
  • Bloomberg Markets
  • Institutional Investor
  • Journal of Investing
  • Pensions and Investments
  • Wall Street Journal

Roger Altman, Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, Peter Bernstein, Charles Ellis, Eugene Fama, Frank Fabozzi, Harry Markowitz, George Soros.

Jennifer Bethel, Richard Bliss, Ryan Davies, John Edmunds, Steven Feinstein, Michael Goldstein, Kathy Hevert, Wendy Jeffus, Laurie Krigman, Mark Potter, Erik Sirri.

Print Collection

Books and publications retained 5 - 10 years. Histories, classics, texts and key works are key part of longer term Babson collection. E-books are important part of collection development for research.

HD 101-1395         Land use, Real Estate

HG                         Banking & Finance

Courses Supported