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Brand Development Index, Category Development Index


Definition: "The CDI is a measure of the relative sales strength of a particular product category in a specific market area of the United States."

To calculate: "Divide the percent of product category A's total U.S. sales in market X by the percent of total U.S. population in market X, then multiply the result by 100 to get the index number."

"This is especially useful, along with Brand Development Index (BDI), in deciding media allocations and how much advertising and other promotion effort to put into different market areas." 
(The above is from Professor Govoni's website).

Finding a Company's Brand Sales

To find out your product's brand sales in a specific geographic region you may have to make some educated assumptions after looking at the following resources:

  Projected Number of People who Use Your Product

Use these resources to find the projected number of people who use your product.